Monday, July 25, 2011

People of Darkness

Quick Summary: People of Darkness is about Sergeant Jim Chee who is tasked with finding out what is the cause behind a box of stolen rocks, strange murders, and a bombing. At the same time, he fears for his life.

My review: In this mystery I found myself at first extremely bored. If there is one point in a book where you should not have a reader bored, it is at the beginning, because that is right when a reader is possibly wanting to buy it, and they may easily go spend their money somewhere else. But then it picked up a bit. I still didn't like it as much, but it wasn't exactly my kind of book. The characters were kind of annoying and there were times where I was left very confused, and never did fully understand what happened. I felt that there was a bit of trouble the author had explaining everything. I did find it interesting that it was also following one of the antagonists throughout the book. I liked knowing part of what is happening, but there was enough left out that I was still "surprised" at the end, even though parts of it were predictable. Anyway, it did get a bit better and I enjoyed it at times, though it was not my favorite read.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Enemy

Brief Summary: The Enemy is a book set in future London where all people over the age of 16 have turned into zombie-like creatures that have a craving for the children. It follows a group of kids and their struggle to find safety.

Quick Review: I have said this before, I think, but the first thing that comes to mind with this is that I like it but at times it sounds forced. Like they had to write this and didn't enjoy it. I don't know why but sometimes this just really bothers me, maybe because I know the feeling. Overall, though, I enjoyed it!

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