Monday, June 6, 2011

The Warlock

Quick Summary: The Warlock is the fifth book in the series by Michael Scott and we find Sophie and Josh divided. According to the prophecy, one will save the world, and one will destroy it, but which one is which? Josh is with Dr. John Dee, a man who used to be his enemy, and Virginia Dare in San Francisco. Scathach, Palamedes, Shakespeare and Joan of Arc and her husband are trapped in the past on Danu Talis with death. Sophie is with the Alchemist and his wife, but Nicholas is very close to death, and Perry is right behind him. There is too little time left before the world, undoubtedly, ends.

My review: I, like all other books in this series, very much enjoyed it. It left me confused but I do like being confused and having everything straighten out in the end, it makes me think about it. It is so complex and I feel the need to research every character. I love this series!

My rating:

This book is nominated for the Jack K Fiction Award for 2011!