Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blood Red Road

Quick Synopsis: Blood Red Road is the story of Saba by Silverlake who has lived her entire life by a small lake with her father, sister, and twin brother, Lugh. Then the storm hits. Then a few men come by and take Lugh and Saba has to find her brother and travel through strange lands before it's too late.

My Review: I really enjoyed this book. There was a little bit of everything in it. Excitement, romance, anger, hatred, sadness...whatever you can think of, that's what this book has. At first I was a bit skeptical because the author writes with the accent pronunciations and also because there are no quotations, but I soon got over that fact and continued on with an unforgettable book.

My Rating:

(This book is nominated for the Jack K Fiction Award for 2011)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Of Mice and Men

Quick summary: The classic novella by John Steinbeck, basically about mice and men, as the title indicates. It tells about Lennie and George, two friends who are trying to earn enough money to buy their own farm.

My review: I actually liked this book. It wasn't my favorite, but I really did enjoy reading it. It had a good pace and didn't contain long boring scenes. It was short and to the point and I liked the concept of it.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

All Quiet On The Western Front

The greatest war story of all time as it is called, really did not live to its standard with me. Yes, I am not usually a fan of these types of books but really there were times that I found it painful to read. I had to force myself to turn the page. As I neared the end, I was dying to finish it, trying to stop myself from screaming out in agony. That's just my opinion. I admit I probably am a little biased against this but still, I would at least like it a little bit even with the bias thrown in. Oh well, you can't love every book.

Quick Synopsis: This book is about Paul Bäumer, who is a German soldier in World War 1. It is about his life in the war and the friends that he has made. It is filled with graphic description and a few gruesome scenes--though I did not find them as gruesome as they were said to be. It makes Paul, after seeing all of the violence and evil, think why there is war if it can be this horrible?

My Review: Okay, as I have already stated, I did not like this book. First of all, it is a story about history. Historical Fiction. I think it should be a rule that historical fiction should be written in past-tense, not present tense. It is not happening at this moment. At the end I found like the author was trying too hard to fit everything into the second-to-last chapter. Oh well, still I am so biased so I have to give a little bit more credit than I would.

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