Monday, March 14, 2011

The Marbury Lens

Synopsis: Jack Whitmore gets abducted one night, and narrowly escapes before travelling for two weeks in England, but while he's there the traumatic events that he experienced start to make him go crazy. Strange things begin happening and when he starts going to a strange world called Marbury after a stranger gives him glasses, he knows he can't stop.

Brief Summary: I have mixed feelings about this book. I thought at first that it would be scary, because that's what it says, this is a scary story. No. It's not that. I admit, there were a few disgusting and disturbing scenes that stayed with me, but nothing really that made me paranoid like over scary things sometimes do. I liked the story and the concept and I found myself drawn to the book many times, but there were times where I just had to think, I need to stop reading this for a little bit. Anyway, I felt a strange attachment to the characters and felt so sorry for them at times and, at times, worried them. Certainly an adult book, I really liked it.

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Friday, March 4, 2011


Brief Summary: This book is about Scotty Weems who, during a large snow storm, gets trapped in his school with six other people. At first it seems like something that will last one night, but the snow does not stop after that, nor the next day. The snow just keeps falling and, with the power, the heat, and the pipes not working, any moment could be your death.

My Review: I really did enjoy this book. At first, I thought that I wasn't because of the "teenager point-of-view" with bad grammar and fragments (a very bothersome thing I come across when reading) but once I started reading, I found it interesting and I kept getting more and more drawn into the book. I think that it was a good read.

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This book is a candidate for the Jack K Fiction Award